The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

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The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum surrounds the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. It comprises 290 acres and was begun in 1971 as a long-term plan for the creation of an arboretum and trails surrounding the campus. In 1975 a major endowment was made in the name of the founder of Ft. Howard Paper Company, Austin Cofrin, and son John in order to add more land, build trails and make improvements to the original acreage.

The Arboretum provides a number of benefits to the university and community at large by supplying areas for both recreation and for research. For the public at large over six miles of trails are available for general use and for walking, biking, bird watching and cross-country skiing. Students at the University of Wisconsin and high schools in the area use the Arboretum for field trips, research projects and lab exercises.

The Arboretum provides, not only a beautiful and significant environment that completely surrounds the campus it also provides two foot paths around and through the university grounds as well. An individual can actually circumvent the entire campus on foot without ever leaving the arboretum. One path is paved, the other is bark. They are enjoyed by hikers, bikers and joggers as well.

The Cofrin Arboretum contains a number of cultivated and naturalized areas that include the Keith White Prairie, an area of over eight acres used to teach the skills of prairie maintenance. It is maintained through controlled burn and is predominantly covered in grasses and herbaceous non-grasses. The Mahon Woods contains fifty-nine species of trees. The Oak Savannah is comprised of scattered oaks growing in grassland and the Paul Sagar Tract is twenty acres of wetlands. The Northern Barrens is an artificial habitat built on sandy soil.

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