Things to Do in Green Bay Wisconsin

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Things to Do in Green Bay Wisconsin

Things to Do in Green Bay Wisconsin

The Walk of Legends is a self-guided free one-mile walkway surrounding Lambeau Field with 24 statues and histories written on obelisks honoring Green Bay Packers legends between 1895 and now. Streets are named for them, also.

The Green Bay Botanical Garden is a beautiful and serene place to walk paths with flowers, plants, well-designed layouts, a herb/food garden, a children’s garden and a Festival of Lights with displays at holiday time.

The Heritage Hill State Historical Park has many buildings from the early days of Green Bay and people in period costumes showing how Victorian families lived since the 1700s with a small town, a Belgian farm that has animals and barns, a fur trader’s cabin, a fort and a Moravian church.

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a free refuge with 700 acres that has live animals exhibits, trails, a lake and a floating bridge. See mountain lions, bobcats, owls, falcons, golden eagles and more. There is a Deer Exhibit where the deer will eat out of your hand. You can buy food and also feed the birds, ducks and geese.

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay is an attraction for pint size children to enjoy a tree house, a miniature fire truck, lighthouse, boat, diner, grocery, big climbing tree, shoe store, work shops, classes, arts center and more. Just opened in June of 2012, the interactive areas and activities are very creative. An unusual feature is the “digestive system” where the kids go up tongue stairs to enter the mouth, progress through the body and exit landing in a “toilet”.

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